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National Benefit Builders, Inc. (NBBI) is a national innovator and marketer of healthcare related programs for consumers, employers, and healthcare practices. Since 2001, NBBI has maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Products and Services

NBBI offers provider practices the opportunity to maximize patient visits and practice income through:

  • The addition of a Telemedicine Program where permitted by state regulations.
  • The introduction of International mail-order brand-name medications to assist patients with the high cost of brand name medications.
  • The introduction to practices of implementing prudent, yet affordable, patient health information (PHI) protection.

The NBBI process is simple. NBBI provides:

  • The highest ethical and legal standards
  • Minimal extra work for the practice
  • Compliance with all government regulations

NBBI programs include the following:

  • Telemedicine services that extend the practice to 24/7 availability
  • Discount prescription drug program

NBBI offers the best-in-class services for your practice which create additional patient value and satisfaction.

What Customers Think About Our Programs

E Money
December 15, 2021.
The Real Deal If You Wanna Save Money
lisa carrasco
December 7, 2021.
December 2, 2021.
Budaaa R
December 2, 2021.
Convenient service for cheaper pet medication, could give more discount towards pet visits.
Christine Danser
December 2, 2021.
Joe Menino
December 2, 2021.
Jennifer Garcia
December 2, 2021.
Dentachoice helped with dental benefits. Very satisfied!
denise davis
November 26, 2021.
Mehmet "Matt" Yar
November 24, 2021.
It helped a lot with dental bills
Pam jones
November 23, 2021.