Save money with discount health & lifestyle benefits.

Are you uninsured? Underinsured? Discount benefits can fill in the gaps.

Discount benefits are easy to use and affordable. Select a benefit solution that works for you.

Standalone Benefits

Benefit Packages

Receive discounts up to 85%, with average savings of 15% on brand-name and 55% on generic drugs.

"The prescription card is helping us tremendously. “Daughter” has one medication our insurance won't pay for. It is $1,998 per month. With the discount card it is $49.64. And, not only does “Daughter” take it, “Son” was recently diagnosed with the same thing “Daughter” has and he is now taking it too! So, our family thanks you for that, as we would be at about $4,000 a month rather than $100. Thanks again." - ND

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America's Drug Card

Earn ongoing commission as a Broker Representative

Are you a broker? NBBI’s discount benefits are revenue generating products, as they can provide your clients with a cost-effective solution to increasing benefit expenses. These essential benefits will earn you ongoing commission with our My Benefits To Go platform.

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Markets We Serve

Our extensive expertise allows us to offer a variety of value-added programs to the following markets:

  • Individuals and Families
  • Insurance Carriers & Managed Care Organizations
  • Employers & Employees
  • Associations & Affinity Groups
  • Unions & Labor Organizations
  • Financial Institutions & Credit Unions
  • Agents/Brokers & Benefit Consultants/Wholesalers

America's Drug Card

The Partner You Keep

NBBI has developed a group of products and services that enables people to save money, while at the same time providing competent, professional providers, and outstanding customer service. Our goals and focus are on a long-term commitment and relationships with our customers and marketing partners.