National Benefit Builders, Inc. (NBBI) is a market leader in employer and individual consumer savings programs.


NBBI’s mission is to continue to provide the market with quality and competitively priced products/programs that provide consumer savings value and ongoing superior customer service. Our savings programs include retail Rx, mail-order for generic and brand-name medications, health, dental, vision, diabetic supplies, telemedicine (including behavior health), and pet.

With NBBI, Consultants, Brokers, Employers, and Associations have access to a robust technology platform which assists in the management of their benefit plans. NBBI provides a generous Broker income, as well as agency and product branding.

NBBI has recently introduced a social media and mobile app which enhances the consumer experience by providing them with instant access to NBBI savings programs.

NBBI continues to maintain the highest BBB rating for past 20 years.

NBBI: The Partner You Keep.