Kevin Faherty

Kevin Faherty – President and CEO of NBBI

Kevin is also the past president of the Group Insurance Association of New York and past president of the Mutually Preferred PPO network in New Jersey, a subsidiary of Mutual of Omaha. Kevin has spent 39 years in the group health insurance business.Kevin spent 17 years as the manager of underwriting for group life and health in New York for the CNA Insurance Company. Kevin also has 14 years as the Senior Regional Manager for the Mutual of Omaha companies responsible for all group marketing and profitability of group life and health business in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.


Barry Forester – Executive Vice President

Barry is head of operations for NBBI. In this capacity, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. Barry has had extensive management experience and is licensed in the states of New York, New Jersey and Florida for the life and health disciplines.

Ray M.

Raymond J. Marszalowicz – Senior Vice President Information Systems and CFO

Ray is a computer consultant who joined the company as its information officer in January of 2001. Ray developed the first bridal registry system used by department stores such as JC Penney’s, Macy’s, Fortunoff’s and Abraham & Strauss.Ray also taught computer science at Rutgers University for 5 years. He has been a systems consultant to Honeywell International, the W.R. Berkeley Corporation, as well as the Rockefeller, Harriman and other family organizations.


Joanne Filardo – Executive Vice President

Joanne has worked in sales, marketing and management for large insurance companies, third party administrators and was an independent business owner. She joined NBBI in January 2014 to apply her skills by working together with all departments to maintain NBBI as a leader in the Discount Benefit Market Place.

Managing the Sales, Service and Design groups as one team, Joanne has created sales opportunities for NBBI products through Brokers, Employers, and other industry-related companies. Joanne and her team develop new products and programs, such as MedAfford Global Inc., an international brand-name prescription mail-order company, increasing market exposure and income for NBBI. Joanne and her team assist Broker/Consultant partners in providing value added savings programs for their clients.

Maintaining and expanding the product portfolio of NBBI has always been one of Joanne’s top priorities, and to this end, she has completely revamped the NBBI Social Media and Design Departments, creating newsletters, websites, Ad campaigns, and launching a newly updated “NBBI Discounts” mobile app.


Michael Attardo – Senior Vice President Operations

A dedicated entrepreneur and leader, Michael has over forty years work experience in retail and sales management. In 1975, he received his A.A. in business and accounting from Kingsborough Community College, then attended Baruch College and Pace University.Michael has owned and run some very successful businesses in the bridal and real estate business. After seventeen years of running successful businesses, Michael changed careers and found himself at a successful discount card company. Working there for eleven years, Michael gained new insight into the world of discount benefit plans. As a supervising manager, he helped to erect and develop new plan networks throughout New York and New Jersey, and also expanded many of the products and services offered.

Michael joined NBBI in 2008, and has since used his entrepreneurial and sales background to help drive the company’s growth. Michael has previously served on the Board of Trustees for the Staten Island YMCA, and was voted YMCA Man of the Year in 1989.

Christopher Ojeda

Christopher Ojeda – Senior Vice President Information Services

Chris received his bachelor of science degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology in Computer and Information Sciences. Before joining NBBI in December of 2011, he worked for both Honeywell International and L-3 Communications for 30 years, two large aerospace companies. In both Honeywell and L-3 he was the project lead and cost account manager for the software group whose activities included design and development of test software which was used to qualify and accept end item hardware bound for space, and design and development of operational software which executes in the space vehicle.

Chris was also tasked in Honeywell with the deployment and training of a database system used to collect metrics in conjunction with the Six Sigma Software Development Initiatives. The system was successfully deployed in seven sites in the US, two sites in Europe and one site in India.

After joining the company, Chris develops and maintains NBBI’s database information systems, report generation, product fulfillment; and, as a team effort with our graphic designer/creative director, updates and enhances the web sites such as America’s Drug Card/CAP, MedAfford Global, PlatinumRx and other related sites.

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