Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Chronic Care Management

The program is designed to move each enrolled patient to an individually designed care program, and facilitate compliance with that program by adherence to the Medicare Center for Medicare Services (CMS) protocols.

Practices that participate in this program and enroll Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions will be reimbursed monthly by Medicare for every patient who is enrolled. For example, if the practice enrolls 1000 Medicare patients, it would earn an estimated $200,000 annually.

Compliance Features of NBBI’s CCM Program Include:

  • Patients are provided 24/7 access to a clinician either by phone or internet.
  • NBBI monitors Medicare requirements and regulations to ensure compliance for the practice.
  • NBBI manages the entire program for the practice. There is no disruption in practice workflow and no need for additional staff or technology.
  • View the brief program summary below.