Keystroke GuardTM

Keystroke Guard Protects Your PC, Mac, and Mobile.

Encrypt and protect what you type in real-time.
Your username and password are the gateway to your personal, financial, and health information. Keystroke Guard, unlike anti-virus, is the only patented security software of its kind which encrypts each keystroke in real-time. Now you can shop, bank, email, and surf with confidence knowing your privacy’s protected.


  • Encrypts each keystroke in real-time to defend against advancing malware threats.
  • Keystroke Guard runs silently in the background leaving your workstation unaffected.
  • Keystroke Guard is designed to integrate smoothly with your browser and applications, while complementing your existing security program.
  • Password Vault – Securely stores an unlimited number of encrypted user credentials required to access websites or corporate networks.
  • Strong Password Generator – creates strong passwords based on user-defined preferences.
  • Encrypted Database – stores notes and other data in user-defined fields in an encrypted database.
  • Secure Keypad – Custom keypad that provides secure input by encrypting keystrokes and preventing the mobile OS from logging the keystrokes.

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